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Save money on one of the largest selections of the highest quality natural rock veneer stone to fit any home budget.  Why would anyone settle for fake painted concrete when they can get real veneer stone for the same price?

Choose from 100s of different natural veneer rocks from all over the world. Custom veneer rock mixes are available upon request.  Click on one of the stone samples below to select how to search through our stones.

Not all stone from our collection are displayed on our website.  Call 1-801-318-1974 for details including any questions, custom orders and pricing or email us at kyle@

Click on the image screen below to view a list of homes featuring different stones that will save you money on your exterior home budget.
How to use this website?

Start by clicking on the shape of stone that is closest to what you are looking for.  Then you will be taken to a generalized list of veneer rock to look through.  By clicking on a rock you will then be taken to close up photos and explanations of the veneer rock you are viewing.  Finally, call or email us to let us know what stone interests you or what stone is closest to your liking as we have 100s to choose from.  We will then get you a quote to make sure we are able to fit your budget.  Custom designs are available upon request.  The more information you have the better we can assist in helping you select a veneer rock that will work best for your home such as how many square feet you need, what your price range is, and how soon you will need the stone so that we can best serve your needs.

How do we keep our prices low?

We are a wholesaler of natural veneer rock.  We are able to save you money by cutting out the middle man as we are able to sell to you direct.  We are able to maintain lower prices than competitors regardless of your location.

Can't find the design you like?

We have a design team willing to assist in helping match colors or styles.  Want only the larger rocks from a particular sample?  Need the entire rock instead of the veneer cut only?  Prefer the stone having a smooth finish verses the rustic look in the samples?  Maybe you just want to mix 2 or 3 of the samples together.  What ever your needs, our team of experts will work with you to make sure you have the perfect veneer rock.

Why buy veneer rock over painted concrete?

  • Real stone lasts longer than the life of your home.  Pictures have been taken of homes that burn down to the ground with all concrete charred but the stone was in perfect condition still standing as if new.
  • Veneer rock is 10 to 100 times stronger than painted concrete.  Stone is so strong that driveways could be made out of it.  An example sandstone would be 18,000 pounds of strength per square inch where fake painted concrete is only 50 pounds per inch.
  • Adds curb appeal.  People will ask you where you got your stone as real stone stays rich in color so your home will stand out where fake stone continues to fade to give your home a continued faded look.
  • Have a unique look at the envy of your neighbors.  It is normal for people to pick fake stone over real as for most people, they do not even consider real stone as an option assuming that the cost of real stone is about tripple the cost of fake.
  • Home appraises for more with real veneer rock than fake painted concrete.  2 homes standing side by side with one using real stone over another having used fake; the real stone will cause the home to appraise for more than had it added fake.
  • Has a rich bright natural color that painted concrete cannot compete with.  Over time fake painted stone chips and the color fades and continues to look worse year after year.  Polution, sun and the weather all effect fake stone.  Real stone will look better and better over the years as these elements will not have any effect on real veneer stone.
When you are able to buy real veneer rock for the same or better price than the painted imitation fake stuff, the decision becomes simple.  Call (801)318-1974 to see what Veneer Rock .com can do to help you create your dream home at a price that fits your budget today!
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